Pets and Children

Pets and Children

Is it suitable for dogs?
Yes, you may have seen a number of advertisements saying "Dog Friendly Artificial Grass" - although this is true do not be fooled into thinking other grasses aren't pet friendly -  most artificial grasses manufactured in the UK or EU are all pet friendly even if it's not advertised clearly. 

How tough is it against cats and dogs?
Verde has been supplying lawns for cats and dogs for over 35 years and it is therefore very tough!

What happens if my dog makes a mess on it?
The grass doesn’t stain. The rain will wash away the mess. In droughts, please remove any debris.

Do pets like the grass?
Yes. They find it warm and inviting!

Does the smell not stay in the grass?
Not if it rains. In droughts, please hose clean. Stubborn marks can be removed with hot water and diluted household detergent (washing up liquid). Sometimes it may seem like the grass is smelling but it's more than likely the materials in the sub-base underneath the grass. Be sure to use Grano Dust for your screed instead of Sharp Sand, this is because the Sharp Sand will hold liquid that passes through it which will contribute to smells later down the line.

Is artificial grass safe for children?


Is it abrasive?
Products such as Verde Gardengrass, Verdelawn, Groovy Grass and are specially designed with soft polyethylene, non-abrasive fibres.

Is the child friendly grass suitable for nurseries?
Yes. It is perfect for this application.

Do you need a shock pad if it is for a nursery or children playing?
No. However if additional safety is required we offer our Safety Shockpad which has been tested to a 1.00m critical fall height with any artificial grass laid on top. 

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