Match Pitches

A Non Turf Pitch (NTP) can be a valuable assest to clubs at all levels of the cricketing pyramid. It can be a there for clubs who need a consistent pitch in case the weather doesnt allow preparation of a conventional turf wicket.It can be there for the club with a growing junior section, taken the strain of volunteeers to prepare pitches. NTP match pitches are there for clubs with out grounds or for clubs who need extra practice facilities.
An NTP takes the strain of grounds staff to produce wickets all through the week. Be that for training or matches, the NTP will allow practice or games to continue when the weather would ordinarly interfere.
At Verde Sports we offer our NTP Match Pitches in both our Premier or Test Match System which means that clubs, schools or local authorties can curate design towards the system that is best for there situation.
Non Turf Pitches should be seen as an addition to your square and a means of easing the load on volunteer grounds teams. The ergonomic designs of Verde Sport gives our NTP a "pick up and play quality" meaning that they need minimum maintence which can be easily incorperated into ongoing ground work.
NTP can also be incroperated into new sites, ideal for clubs who take on old or run down grounds. Often clubs play 3rd or 4th teams at these sites and an NTP is perfect to allow matches to be played regularly whilst existing or new squares are intergrated.

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