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 Groovy Grass Chocolate 4.00x2.00m£64.00 +VATMore Info Groovy Grass Lime - 0.70m X 2.00m£11.20 +VATMore Info Groovy Grass Lime 1.10m x 2.00m£17.60 +VATMore Info Groovy Grass Off Black 0.48x2.40£8.00 +VATMore Info Groovy Grass Off Black 1.90x4.00m£60.80 +VATMore Info Groovy Grass Off Black 2.00x4.00m£64.00 +VATMore InfoGroovy Grass Pink 0.45x0.60m (s)Groovy Grass Pink 0.45x0.60m (s)£2.00 +VATMore InfoGroovy Grass Red 0.53 x 0.60m (s)Groovy Grass Red 0.53 x 0.60m (s)£2.20 +VATMore Info Groovy Grass Red 2.00m x 1.90m £30.40 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdegrass - 0.50m x 4.00mSuper Verdegrass - 0.50m x 4.00m£10.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdegrass - 0.80m x 4.00mSuper Verdegrass - 0.80m x 4.00m£16.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdegrass - 0.90m x 4.00m£18.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdegrass - 1.00m x 2.00m£16.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdegrass - 17.80m x 0.225mSuper Verdegrass - 17.80m x 0.225m£20.03 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdegrass - 2.80m x 4.00m£89.60 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdegrass - 26.00m x 1.26mSuper Verdegrass - 26.00m x 1.26m£163.80 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdegrass - 29.70m x 1.26mSuper Verdegrass - 29.70m x 1.26m£187.11 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdegrass - 3.00m x 2.00mSuper Verdegrass - 3.00m x 2.00m£48.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdegrass - 30.00m x 1.26mSuper Verdegrass - 30.00m x 1.26m£189.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdegrass - 40.00m x 1.26mSuper Verdegrass - 40.00m x 1.26m£252.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdegrass - 9.05m x 0.18mSuper Verdegrass - 9.05m x 0.18m£8.15 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdegrass - 9.70m X 0.18mSuper Verdegrass - 9.70m X 0.18m£8.73 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdegrass 10.00m x 0.79m Super Verdegrass 10.00m x 0.79m £39.50 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdegrass 11.00m x 0.23m Super Verdegrass 11.00m x 0.23m£12.65 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdegrass 11.50m x 0.21m Super Verdegrass 11.50m x 0.21m £12.08 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdegrass 2.40m x 2.00m Super Verdegrass 2.40m x 2.00m £24.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdegrass 31.50m x 0.24m Super Verdegrass 31.50m x 0.24m £37.80 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 0.96m x 2.00mSuper Verdeturf 0.96m x 2.00m£7.68 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 1.00m x 1.00m Super Verdeturf 1.00m x 1.00m £4.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 1.40m x 1.25m£7.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 1.40m x 1.25m£7.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 1.40m x 4.00m Super Verdeturf 1.40m x 4.00m £39.20 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 1.50m x 1.25mSuper Verdeturf 1.50m x 1.25m£7.50 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 1.70m x 1.25mSuper Verdeturf 1.70m x 1.25m£8.50 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 1.70m x 4.00mSuper Verdeturf 1.70m x 4.00m £47.60 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 1.80m x 1.70mSuper Verdeturf 1.80m x 1.70m£9.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 13.35m x 0.36m Super Verdeturf 13.35m x 0.36m £9.61 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 15.70m x 0.20m Super Verdeturf 15.70m x 0.20m £6.28 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 2.00m x 2.00m Super Verdeturf 2.00m x 2.00m £28.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 2.00m x 4.00m Super Verdeturf 2.00m x 4.00m £56.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 2.10m x 2.00m£29.40 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 2.20m x 2.00m£30.80 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 2.50m x 1.00m Super Verdeturf 2.50m x 1.00m £10.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 20.00m x 0.35m Super Verdeturf 20.00m x 0.35m £28.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 20.00m x 0.35m £28.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 20.00m x 0.38m £30.40 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 3.00m x 1.25m Super Verdeturf 3.00m x 1.25m £15.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 3.00m x 2.00mSuper Verdeturf 3.00m x 2.00m£42.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 3.50m x 4.00m Super Verdeturf 3.50m x 4.00m £98.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 3.70m x 2.00mSuper Verdeturf 3.70m x 2.00m£51.80 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 3.80m x 4.00mSuper Verdeturf 3.80m x 4.00m£106.40 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 4.00m x 2.00m Super Verdeturf 4.00m x 2.00m £56.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 5.00m x 2.00m£70.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 6.10m x 1.29mSuper Verdeturf 6.10m x 1.29m£39.35 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 6.40m x 1.50mSuper Verdeturf 6.40m x 1.50m£38.40 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 7.00m x 2.00mSuper Verdeturf 7.00m x 2.00m£98.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 7.70m x 4.00mSuper Verdeturf 7.70m x 4.00m£215.60 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 9.00m x 1.25m£45.00 +VATMore InfoSuper Verdeturf 9.00m x 2.00mSuper Verdeturf 9.00m x 2.00m£126.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Hometurf 1.80m x 2.00m Verde Hometurf 1.80m x 2.00m £10.80 +VATMore InfoVerde Hometurf 1.90m x 2.00mVerde Hometurf 1.90m x 2.00m£11.40 +VATMore InfoVerde Hometurf 2.00m x 2.00mVerde Hometurf 2.00m x 2.00m£20.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Leisure 1.50m x 2.00mVerde Leisure 1.50m x 2.00m£12.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Leisure 20.00m x 0.39m£23.40 +VATMore InfoVerde Leisure 1.00m x 4.00mVerde Leisure 4.20m x 4.00m£100.80 +VATMore InfoVerde Leisure 0.90m x 2.00mVerde Leisure 4.70m x 4.00m£112.80 +VATMore InfoVerde Leisure 6.90m x 4.00mVerde Leisure 6.90m x 4.00m£165.60 +VATMore Info Verde Leisure 7.90m x 4.00m£189.60 +VATMore InfoVerde Leisure Blue - 7.50 x 4.00mVerde Leisure Blue - 7.50 x 4.00m£240.00 +VATMore Info Verde Leisure Orange - 2.05x4.00m£65.60 +VATMore InfoVerde Patio Grass 3.00m x 1.00mVerde Patio Grass 3.00m x 1.00m£9.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Pitch Roll-Up 1.00m x 2.00mVerde Pitch Roll-Up 1.00m x 2.00m£10.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Pitch Roll-Up 1.10m x 2.00mVerde Pitch Roll-Up 1.10m x 2.00m£11.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Pitch Roll-Up 1.80m x 2.00mVerde Pitch Roll-Up 1.80m x 2.00m£18.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Pitch Roll-Up 2.00x2.00 (s)Verde Pitch Roll-Up 2.00x2.00 (s)£20.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Pitch Roll-Up 2.60m x 2.00mVerde Pitch Roll-Up 2.60m x 2.00m£26.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Pitch Roll-Up 2.70m x 2.00mVerde Pitch Roll-Up 2.70m x 2.00m£27.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Pitch Roll-Up 3.00m x 1.88mVerde Pitch Roll-Up 3.00m x 1.88m£28.20 +VATMore InfoVerde Pitch Roll-Up 3.00m x 2.00mVerde Pitch Roll-Up 3.00m x 2.00m£30.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Tempo 30mm - 1.20m X 2.00mVerde Tempo 30mm - 1.20m X 2.00m£14.40 +VATMore InfoVerde Tempo 30mm - 1.50m X 4.00mVerde Tempo 30mm - 1.50m X 4.00m£36.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Tempo 30mm - 1.50x2.00mVerde Tempo 30mm - 1.50x2.00m£18.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Tempo 30mm - 1.60m X 2.00mVerde Tempo 30mm - 1.60m X 2.00m£19.20 +VATMore InfoVerde Tempo 30mm - 2.00x2.00m (s)Verde Tempo 30mm - 2.00x2.00m (s)£24.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Tempo 30mm - 2.10m X 2.00mVerde Tempo 30mm - 2.10m X 2.00m£25.20 +VATMore InfoVerde Tempo 30mm - 2.20m X 2.00mVerde Tempo 30mm - 2.20m X 2.00m (s)£26.40 +VATMore InfoVerde Tempo 30mm - 4.70m X 2.00mVerde Tempo 30mm - 4.70m X 2.00m£56.40 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 1.40m x 2.00mVerdelawn 35mm 1.40m x 2.00m£28.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 2.00m x 2.00m Verdelawn 35mm 2.00m x 2.00m £40.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 3.60m x 2.00m Verdelawn 35mm 3.60m x 2.00m £72.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 4.20m X 2.00mVerdelawn 35mm 4.20m X 2.00m£84.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 4.50m x 1.965m Verdelawn 35mm 4.50m x 1.965m £90.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 8.00m x 1.995m Verdelawn 35mm 8.00m x 1.995m £160.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn Trial 35mm 3.50 x 1.35mVerdelawn Trial 35mm 3.50 x 1.35m£14.19 +VATMore InfoVerdeluxe - 1.00m X 4.00mVerdeluxe - 1.00m X 4.00m£40.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeluxe - 1.90m X 4.00mVerdeluxe - 1.90m X 4.00m£76.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeluxe - 3.00m X 2.00mVerdeluxe - 3.00m X 2.00m£60.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeluxe - 4.00m X 2.00mVerdeluxe - 4.00m X 2.00m£80.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeluxe - 4.00m X 4.00m (s)Verdeluxe - 4.00m X 4.00m (s)£160.00 +VATMore InfoVerdePlay Fjd Blue 1.30m x 2.00mVerdePlay Fjd Blue 1.30m x 2.00m£10.40 +VATMore InfoVerdePlay Fjd Blue 2.00m x 2.00mVerdePlay Fjd Blue 2.00m x 2.00m£16.00 +VATMore InfoVerdePlay Fjd Blue 4.00m x 2.00mVerdePlay Fjd Blue 4.00m x 2.00m£32.00 +VATMore InfoVerdePlay Green 0.40m x 1.60mVerdePlay Green 0.40m x 1.60m£3.20 +VATMore InfoVerdePlay Green 1.10m x 2.00mVerdePlay Green 1.10m x 2.00m£8.80 +VATMore InfoVerdePlay Green 1.90m x 2.00mVerdePlay Green 1.90m x 2.00m£15.20 +VATMore InfoVerdePlay Olive 2.70m x 2.00mVerdePlay Olive 2.70m x 2.00m£21.60 +VATMore InfoVerdePlay Red 3.20m x 2.00mVerdePlay Red 3.20m x 2.00m£25.60 +VATMore InfoVerdePlay Terracotta 4.10 x 2.00mVerdePlay Terracotta 4.10 x 2.00m£32.80 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Black 2.20m x 2.00mVerdeSward Black 2.20m x 2.00m£22.00 +VATMore InfoVerdesward Black 2.80m x 4.00mVerdeSward Black 2.80m x 4.00m£56.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Black 7 @ 0.45x0.50mVerdeSward Black 7 @ 0.45x0.50m£10.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Black 7.50m x 1.17mVerdeSward Black 7.50m x 1.17m£43.90 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Blue 21 @ 0.46x0.50mVerdeSward Blue 21 @ 0.46x0.50m£25.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Burgundy 1.00m x 2.10mVerdeSward Burgundy 1.00m x 2.10m£10.50 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Fjd Blue 2.37m x 2.37mVerdeSward Fjd Blue 2.37m x 2.37m£30.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Fjd Blue 2.80m x 2.00mVerdeSward Fjd Blue 2.80m x 2.00m£28.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Fjd Blue 4.00m x 1.80mVerdeSward Fjd Blue 4.00m x 1.80m£36.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Fjd Blue 8.60m x 1.17mVerdeSward Fjd Blue 8.60m x 1.17m£50.30 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Green 1.50m x 4.00mVerdeSward Green 1.50m x 4.00m£30.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Green 1.60m x 4.00mVerdeSward Green 1.60m x 4.00m£32.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Mrn Blue 4.00m x 4.00mVerdeSward Mrn Blue 4.00m x 4.00m£96.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Navy 3.70m x 4.00mVerdeSward Navy 3.70m x 4.00m£88.80 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Navy 5.00m x 2.00mVerdeSward Navy 5.00m x 2.00m£50.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Olive 0.80m x 4.00mVerdeSward Olive 0.80m x 4.00m£16.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Olive 6.80m x 0.40mVerdeSward Olive 6.80m x 0.40m£13.60 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Red 1.40m x 4.00mVerdeSward Red 1.40m x 4.00m£28.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Red 1.90m x 4.00mVerdeSward Red 1.90m x 4.00m£38.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Red 2.00m x 4.00mVerdeSward Red 2.00m x 4.00m£40.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Red 4.00m x 4.00mVerdeSward Red 4.00m x 4.00m£96.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeSward Terracota 2.40 x 4.00mVerdeSward Terracota 2.40 x 4.00m£48.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeturf 3.00m x 2.00mVerdeturf 3.00m x 2.00m£45.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeturf 1.50m x 4.00m Verdeturf 4.00m x 2.00m £24.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeturf 4.00m x 4.00mVerdeturf 4.00m x 4.00m£120.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeturf 4.40m x 4.00m£140.80 +VATMore Info Verdeturf 4.8m x 4.00m Verdeturf 4.80m x 4.00m £144.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeturf 5.10m x 2.00mVerdeturf 5.10m x 2.00m£76.50 +VATMore InfoVerdeturf 6.00m x 2.00mVerdeturf 6.00m x 2.00m£72.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeturf 6.60M x 4.00M£198.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeturf Blue 0.86 x 4.00mVerdeturf Blue 0.86 x 4.00m£10.32 +VATMore InfoVerdeturf Blue 1.30 x 4.00m£15.60 +VATMore InfoVerdeturf Sporting Green 20.70m x 4.00m£828.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeturf Sporting Green 5.00m x 4.00m£150.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeturf Sporting Green 5.40m x 4.00m£162.00 +VATMore InfoVerdeturf Terracotta 0.70x3.50mVerdeturf Terracotta 0.70x3.50m£7.35 +VATMore InfoVerdeturf Yellow 0.82m x 4.00m £9.84 +VATMore InfoVerdeturf Yellow 2.60m x 4.00m Verdeturf Yellow 2.60m x 4.00m £41.60 +VATMore Info

Established in 1988.
Think green, think Verde.

Verde Sports Ltd set up in 1988 concentrating on artificial grass & synthetic sports surfaces for specialised sports such as golf, cricket and bowls. At the turn of the century Verde decided to diversify and are now market leaders in the distribution of artificial grass for lawns, landscape and leisure. Read more about us >


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