Garden Grasses - Clearance Rolls

Here you will find our roll ends & offcuts of clearance stock that we are discontinuing.

Limited Stock - Verde Entrada 30mm£9.98 Per M2 +VATMore InfoLimited Stock - Verde Hometurf 26mm£16.25 Per M2 +VATMore InfoLimited Stock - Verdelawn 35mm£22.85 Per M2 +VATMore InfoVerde Hometurf - 3.70m x 4.00mVerde Hometurf - 3.70m x 4.00m£111.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Hometurf 1.30m x 4.00mVerde Hometurf 1.30m x 4.00m£26.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Hometurf 1.80m x 2.00m Verde Hometurf 1.80m x 2.00m £18.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Hometurf 1.90m x 2.00mVerde Hometurf 1.90m x 2.00m£19.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Hometurf 14.50m x 2.00mVerde Hometurf 14.50m x 2.00m£217.50 +VATMore InfoVerde Hometurf 2.00m x 2.00mVerde Hometurf 2.00m x 2.00m£20.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Hometurf 3.90m x 4.00mVerde Hometurf 3.90m x 4.00m£117.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Hometurf 4.00m x 4.00m C (S)Verde Hometurf 4.00m x 4.00m C (S)£96.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Hometurf 4.10m x 4.00mVerde Hometurf 4.10m x 4.00m£98.40 +VATMore InfoVerde Hometurf 4.90m x 4.00mVerde Hometurf 4.90m x 4.00m£147.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Hometurf 5.00m x 4.00mVerde Hometurf 5.00m x 4.00m£150.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Hometurf 5.10m x 4.00mVerde Hometurf 5.10m x 4.00m£153.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Hometurf 5.60m x 2.00m Verde Hometurf 5.60m x 2.00m £56.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Hometurf 7.70m x 2.00mVerde Hometurf 7.70m x 2.00m£115.50 +VATMore InfoVerde Hometurf 9.10m x 2.00mVerde Hometurf 9.10m x 2.00m£91.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Meadow - 1.30m x 1.95Verde Meadow - 1.30m x 1.95m£7.61 +VATMore InfoVerde Meadow - 1.30m x 1.95Verde Meadow - 1.30m x 1.95m£7.61 +VATMore InfoVerde Meadow - 22.00m x 4.00m£616.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Meadow 24.50m x 4.00m£686.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Meadow 3.00m x 2.00mVerde Meadow 3.00m x 2.00m£42.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Patio 10.70m x 4.00m£235.40 +VATMore InfoVerde Patio 31.00m x 4.00mVerde Patio 31.00m x 4.00m£682.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Quatro 2023 4.00m x 4.00m Verde Quatro 2023 4.00m x 4.00m£240.00 +VATMore InfoVerde Quatro 4.20m x 4.00mVerde Quatro 4.20m x 4.00m£252.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm - 0.90m x 4.00mVerdelawn 35mm - 0.90m x 4.00m£18.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm - 1.05m x 4.00mVerdelawn 35mm - 1.05m x 4.00m£21.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm - 10.40m x 2.00Verdelawn 35mm - 10.40m x 2.00£208.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm - 11.10m x 2.00mVerdelawn 35mm - 11.10m x 2.00m£222.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm - 2.40m x 1.55mVerdelawn 35mm - 2.40m x 1.55m£18.60 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm - 3.00m x 4.00m Verdelawn 35mm - 3.00m x 4.00m £120.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm - 3.80m x 2.00m (s)£53.20 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm - 3.80m x 4.00m Verdelawn 35mm - 3.80m x 4.00m£152.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 1.20m x 2.00m£12.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 1.40m x 2.00m£14.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 1.80m x 4.00m£50.40 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 2.00m x 2.00m £28.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 2.20m x 2.00m£44.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 2.50m x 2.00m£50.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 2.70m x 2.00m£37.80 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 3.20m x 2.00m£44.80 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 3.60m x 2.00m £50.40 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 3.70m x 4.00m (s)£148.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 3.90m x 4.00m (s)£156.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 4.00m x 4.00m£160.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 4.10m x 4.00m£164.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 4.20m x 2.00m£58.80 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 4.20m x 4.00m£168.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 4.50m x 1.96m Verdelawn 35mm 4.50m x 1.96m £61.74 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 5.20m x 2.00m£72.80 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 6.50m x 2.00m£130.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 8.00m x 2.00m£112.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn 35mm 9.50m x 2.00m£133.00 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn Trial 35mm - 1.70m x 4.00mVerdelawn Trial 35mm - 1.70 x 4.00m£20.40 +VATMore InfoVerdelawn Trial 35mm 3.50 x 1.35mVerdelawn Trial 35mm - 3.50 x 1.35m£14.16 +VATMore Info
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