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Cricket Case Studies | 18/04/2024

Cheltenham College approached use a couple of years ago with the view to update the facilities they had on College Ground. College Ground is prominent in the school and wider Cheltenham area as it sits at the centre of the town within the historic listed buildings. This however presents issues to both the college and ourselves as the structures we installed needed to be semi-permanent. So we worked alongside the college to provide facilities that where of the highest standard and yet also allowed them to drop them come the end of the season. Additionally these facilities had to be of a standard that professional players could utilise them when Gloucestershire utilise the grounds during the summer.

The college had existing batting and bowling ends that need servicing and then upgrading with new carpets and shockpads. Previously the facility was left with natural grass surrounds which made the grounds teams life more difficult come the summer as they had to regularly mow the facility and remove the nets at a time when the staff and children would want to use the facility. So we instead inserted a timber frame and dug out the site, then proceeded to infill with 100mm of 10mm to Dust Limestone. The use of such fine aggregates allows us to provide a greater level of grading in comparison to other proposals. The installation team at Cover Solutions had to deal with some variable gradients across the site and yet when you see the finished product you would not be able to tell due to the wonderful job they did.

Finally we added some additional elbows and top rods to provide greater security to a near by car park and installed new screens plus a wraparound net that will make the grounds teams life easier come the end of the season. In general all parties where delighted with the works and hopefully this leads to future projects together.

Cricket Case Studies | 18/04/2024

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