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Cricket Case Studies | 24/11/2023

Whilst at Verde Sports we undertake many installations ourselves we also have Approved Suppliers who take on installation of their own. These installers adhere to the ECB Code of Practice and all ECB guidelines and recommendations. One of these installers is Duncan Ross Ltd.

Based out of Burscough, Lancashire, the team at Duncan Ross have worked with Verde for the past few years. They have years of experiance and skills in both Sports Turf Management and Land Drainage, skills that they have now brought to our cricket installations. They have been involved in jobs in Gloucestershire, Cheshire, Greater Manchester and the Isle of Man. Duncan, Joe, Richard and the rest of the team are a brilliant and efficent, who take on whatever we throw at them. Be it short notice or horrendous weather, they are neaver phased.


What sets Duncan and his team apart is that they like to be involved from the start and it makes a huge difference with making sure jobs are done seamlessly. The diligence they show to a job is brilliant and is born out when you see the high-quality product they produce. Using the years of experiance they continue to offer insights into how to develop the products we offer to maximise the return on investment for customers.

Take for instance the Katherine Lady Berkley installation earlier this year. Duncan and the team took on a 4-lane installation and match pitch on two weeks’ notice and completed the install ahead of schedule, even with the horrendous weather conditions that plagued the spring.  This was a job that most installers thought unachievable including the main contractor. As you will see from the photos the installation looked amazing, to the point that you can't begin to see how bad the weather was during the install.

With there continued advice and support we continue to develop and grow our products looking to make changes that will give much greater value to our customers. With some exciting new products and projects coming in 2024 we look forward to working with Duncan and his team, alongisde all our other installation teams moving forward.


Cricket Case Studies | 24/11/2023

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