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Cricket Case Studies | 18/03/2024

Prestbury Cricket Club started looking at a Cricket development six years ago. Due to the lack of space on the ground it took till 2023 for us to help find the right area that suited all parties. The works were only able to go ahead in March 2024 after lots of planning to utilise the space available, Prestbury asked for our assistance on installing a double bay practice facility.

Due to the weather conditions, the area where the practice facility was being installed was extremely sodden. The facility was meant to be fitted in September 2023 but had to be pushed back to March 2024. The installation was extremely difficult because of the weather. Duncan Ross Ltd did a spectacular job with the installation and being able to complete it on schedule, even after the horrific rainfall.

Prestbury was a challenge to start with. Several companies rejected the idea of a practice facility because they did not see that it was possible with the lack of space on the ground.  However, we value our customers and their visions, so we worked tirelessly to find a solution to be able to fit a practice facility. Therefore, the location of the facility was in the North-Eastern corner of the filed running alongside the fence and hedge at a one metre distance so the hedge can be maintained.

One of the bays was installed with the ‘TEST MATCH’ system which changes the performance of the bay as it becomes drier during the season. The other bay was installed with the ‘PREMIER’ system which provides an even bounce throughout the season. Having two different bays creates inclusivity as the club are catering for all levels within the club. Both bays had a batting and bowling end with two AP10 shockpads on the bowling ends surfaced with Superverde turf surrounds.

The surface for the playing area is Superverde providing the optimum balance between wear and playing performance. Around the playing areas and extending over the run ups is Verdegrass 14 which is dense enough to be fitted without the need for sand or crumb fillings. The playing area was also complimented by a 3.60m high heavy-duty frame with lanes that are 3.66m wide.

The ground was very tight and to minimise the impact on the boundaries, the frame will be staggered from 18.30m to 21.96m with an 18.30m central division. In order to control use the open ends of the frame are to have 1.25m high gates fitted so that the nets can be closed off when not in use.

Cricket Case Studies | 18/03/2024

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