Verde Vanquish - First EVER installation!

Verde Sports News | 20/05/2024

Verde Vanquish, our brand new 50mm luxury grass, is designed with one main characteristic in mind... Density.

Normally when artificial grasses are tufted, they are tufted to a certain gauge (width between stitches). What sets Verde Vanquish apart, is the brand new design of being tufted twice on two different gauge sizes. 

This gives a thick luxury pile of both maximum density & realness. 

Our first ever installation of this industry-changing grass was completed one of our local accredited installers Jigsaw Landscapes. 

Richard shares a few words on the Verde Vanquish below:

"Lovely thick product, great viewing from all sides, just felt quality & easy to lay."

Verde Sports News | 20/05/2024

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